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Make Money or Save Money: Both Put You Ahead

Posted by: In: Get Rich Click 10 Jan 2011 Comments: 0

Some merchants allow their affiliates to buy products essentially at wholesale prices. To take advantage of this, create an affiliate link on your website and then use that link to buy products for yourself. That means you are buying from your own affiliate link at the retail price minus the commission you get back.

You might also ask your friends and family to buy from these links. It’s a great way to start to profit from the Internet immediately. Be aware, however, that some merchants have restrictions on this type of buying. Make sure you read the fine print on your affiliate agreement.

Generate more income per sale by choosing affiliate programs that pay higher commissions. Some of the categories that pay the most include:

  • Loans
  • Surveys
  • Insurance
  • Casinos
  • Credit card sign ups
  • Financial
  • Digital products offered at ClickBank

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