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The Internet is a successful marketplace because of its ability to measure everything from advertising to consumer behavior. Prior to the Internet, information about what your consumer thought and how they acted was largely unattainable outside of the bottom line. In the past, every new advertising campaign and product introduction was a roll of the dice. In contrast, the Internet is an accountable world where upgrades are easily implemented and tested using tracking tools. Best yet, most consumer tracking tools are free or inexpensive. Start using these tools and you can constantly measure your customer’s behavior and improve your online profitability.

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David vs. Goliath – with the use of the internet, David is winning in a big way!

Premise:  Savvy Internet Entrepreneurs vs. Corporate America.  These smart, young entrepreneurs are cream skimming the most profitable products and services away from the bottom line of Corporate America.  How are they doing it and how can corporate America position itself against such a threat?

Below are ten things Corporate America can learn from the new wave of Internet Entrepreneurs and Internet Marketing Firms.    It’s a classic David vs. Goliath story and David, armed with the latest tools, APPs, Websites and the reach and speed of the internet is quickly stealing market share away from Corporate America. Read more…

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This is a really great infographic from It is very useful to have around as a quick reference. I love the simplicity and completeness of the presentation.

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Posted by: In: Get Rich Click 21 Feb 2011 0 comments is the eBay of handmade goods and is a great place for the crafty to start making money online, they charge less than the aforementioned auction site and have somewhat of a cult following.  It is very easy to set up an etsy store and it gives you instant access to tens of thousands if not millions of customers.  If you have a quality product that people like and are willing to keep up with customer demand, your reputation will grow. This can be jump started even more so by sending out free samples to prominent bloggers who through the unwritten laws of the Internet are obliged to write about you and send you some high quality traffic.  It is important when you start your store to have an easily brandable name.  I recommend picking up “the name of your etsy” before you even begin; this will solve a whole lot of headaches later on if you decide to go at it alone.  Make sure to have a link to your site in your etsy store, if you aren’t ready to start selling on your own I suggest keeping a blog running.

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This is an interesting write up that came across my desk. I love that the entrepreneurial spirit still lives on!

From a fellow Get Rich Click member:
At my High School in suburban Colorado we had a Belgian exchange student by the name of Benji, he was and is one hell of a guy. Very smart and very observant. I visited him in Belgium back in 2007 and stayed at his parent’s house. I noticed that he had his eBay account opened up on his computer. At the time I was quite the little eBay salesman myself so I asked what products he was moving. Benji cracked a smile and described to me his DIY drop shipping model. He was selling on eBay Belgium Chinese MP3 players, the knock-off ipod variety at the rate of about 4 or 5 a day, I forget what he was charging but it was something in the neighborhood of 30 Euros. Having done a bit of Chinese electronics importing myself I asked him who his supplier was and what the minimum order quantity was, he then told me his great trade secret. Benji had noticed that the price of “almost ipods” on Hong Kong ebay was way less than they were in his country, so he began listing these Chinese products without ever having bought them! As soon as one sold on his account he would quickly get onto eBay Hong Kong and purchase the product and have it shipped to his buyer in Belgium! He never touched a product, but was making money hand over fist, just because he kept his eyes open and noticed price inequities in the global auction market!

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President Barack Obama promoted plans Thursday to bring high-speed wireless to nearly all American households…He turned to the importance of investing in wireless technology, part of a new White House focus on innovation, competitiveness and infrastructure as a pathway to jobs and “winning the future.” The president compared the goal of extending wireless access to important successes that connected previous generations of Americans: the building of railroads and the federal highway system… Obama wants to make high-speed wireless available to 98 percent of the population within five years, a goal he set out in his State of the Union address.  The internet will be saturated with fresh ideas, better get there first and “Get Rich Click!”

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In December, we had the pleasure of attending the Internet Marketing Party – a gathering of like-minded Internet marketing entrepreneurs and marketing professionals held the second Tuesday of every month in Austin, TX and run by Dave Gonzalez. We were able to watch the speeches of ClickBank Senior Staff members- Neil Hartley and Dush Ramachandran.  During this event we had the opportunity to gather fundamental tips for online marketing success that they have learned over the years.

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1. Steve Demeter, the developer of the $5 game Trism spent $5,000 developing the game and in those amazing two months following the launch of the App Store, grossed $250,000. To date the APP has brought in several million dollars. Demeter acknowledges there was some luck involved, but designed Trism with unique gameplay and high replay value and an online leaderboard for a community dimension. Intelligent marketing, naturally, is a critical component of success.

2. While I was doing the final edits for this very page, The New York Times ran a major article about Ethan Nicholas and his wife Nicole who were having trouble making their mortgage payments and medical bills. Nicholas heard about Steve Demeter and decided to write an iPhone app himself. The 30-year-old had zero experience in iPhone apps but years of java programming experience. After six weeks of working “morning, noon and night,” he created an iPhone application called iShoot.  The first day, the $4.99 app made $1,000, and he thought he had won the lottery. The second day, $2,000. The third day, he made $5000, and this earning level persisted for several weeks. Then he retooled the app and gave out a “free” version with fewer features but with an upsell to a paid version. So far, he has earned $800,000, called his boss and quit his job. He plans to “milk the gold rush as long as I can.”

3. A Greek entrepreneur and two of his friends invested a week of their time and created an iPhone app called iSteam. It makes the face of the iPhone look like a fogged up bathroom mirror. They made $100,000 in 90 days.

4. Bart Decrem created Tap Tap Revenge, a music rhythm game, and within two weeks of release hit the 1 million download milestone. The game was free to download, and Decrem looked to finance his application through advertising and a premium paid version of the game.

The iPhone and Apple’s Development Kit open the market to those who would like to Get Rich Click; you don’t need substantial capital, simply talent and time. Many liken the iPhone landscape to the early days of the Internet, when excitement was high and the sky seemed the limit.

Remember, if you want to have an iPhone app created, get competitive bids at

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Some merchants allow their affiliates to buy products essentially at wholesale prices. To take advantage of this, create an affiliate link on your website and then use that link to buy products for yourself. That means you are buying from your own affiliate link at the retail price minus the commission you get back.

You might also ask your friends and family to buy from these links. It’s a great way to start to profit from the Internet immediately. Be aware, however, that some merchants have restrictions on this type of buying. Make sure you read the fine print on your affiliate agreement.

Generate more income per sale by choosing affiliate programs that pay higher commissions. Some of the categories that pay the most include:

  • Loans
  • Surveys
  • Insurance
  • Casinos
  • Credit card sign ups
  • Financial
  • Digital products offered at ClickBank
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The affiliate program market is also referred to as a cost-per-action (CPA) market.  These websites pay other site owners for a variety of actions such as buying, clicking, filling out a form or sending them a lead.

Before using any of these firms, you should ask for references so you can talk with other site owners to learn whether they are happy with the services these businesses offer. You might also want to ask your accountant and/or lawyer to review their terms and conditions and explain all the information listed in the “fine print.” When you use an affiliate marketing firm to bring revenue to your business, that firm becomes your business partner. You need to know as much as you can about them.

Many credit card companies and online colleges or universities will pay you an affiliate commission of $5 to $25 for each referral that completes an application. These commissions can possibly double if the company approves the application.